Visits of Russian Symbolist Writers in Vilnius

Pavel Lavrinec (PDF)

In the early twentieth century, the traditional and avant-garde movements of Russian literature competed in Vilnius. The lectures were held by local cultural figures and writers, critics and journalists from St Petersburg and Moscow. In 1910, Nikolai Kulbin, an active promoter of avant-garde art, visited Vilnius. The performance by Kulbin was accompanied by music, poetry and a display of reproductions. In 1913, the poet, prose writer and dramatist Fyodor Sologub arrived in Vilnius with Anastasia Chebotarevskaya and Igor Severyanin. The performances of Kulbin and Sologub received controversial reviews. In the same year, the symbolist poet Georgy Chulkov visited Vilnius. His lecture in Vilnius was not a success. A year later, Chulkov returned to Vilnius to lecture on symbolism and new trends in Russian poetry. The lecture by Chulkov was also not a success in Vilnius. In 1913, Maximilian Voloshin, a symbolist painter and poet, came to Vilnius. Konstantin Balmont visited Vilnius in 1914. Their performances were widely announced in the local press.

Keywords: St Petersburg, Moscow, Nikolai Kulbin, Fyodor Sologub, Georgy Chulkov, Maximilian Voloshin, Konstantin Balmont