Review procedure

Review procedure and reviewers’ responsibility

The journal Meno istorijos studijos publishes scientific articles evaluated by double-anonymous review, i.e., reviewers are appointed confidentially: reviewers are not provided with information about authors, and authors are not provided with information about reviewers.

The scientific articles submitted to the journal are reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers, selected by the editorial board and/or the editor of the volume from experts in the field of science and arts researched by the author. If the conclusions of the reviewers regarding the suitability of the article for publication are conflicting (opposite to each other), the editorial board shall appoint a third reviewer and, after receiving the third reviewer’s conclusions, decide on the publication of the article.

Reviewers must inform in advance the editorial board or the volume editor of any potential conflict of interest in relation to articles they are invited to review, including any personal position in relation to the reviewed material.

Reviewers must provide an objective, impartial and reasoned opinion on the quality and scientific value of the article being reviewed. The reviewer must base the review on the following universally-recognised criteria for reviewing an academic article:

  1. Formulation and clarity of the topic and the stated objective;
  2. Relevance of the topic;
  3. Novelty, originality of the article;
  4. The use of research methods and their suitability;
  5. A critical overview of research already performed on the topic;
  6. Properly analysed research data;
  7. Relevant and reasoned discussion (data analysis);
  8. Reasoned conclusions and summaries based on the arguments set out in the text;
  9. A well-thought-out and logically coherent structure of the work;
  10. Writing style, soundness and correctness of the professional language and of the use of terms.

Reviewers must draw the attention of the editorial board to published works of a similar nature, if such works are not referenced in the article under review.

Reviewers must ensure the confidentiality of the review procedure. Reviewers are prohibited from publicly discussing or distributing material of articles under review, manuscripts, references to sources used in the text, etc.

For more information on the review procedure and reviewers’ responsibility, see the Publication Ethics Policy.