Meno istorijos studijos [Art History Studies] (ISSN 1822-2285), (eISSN 2783-8315) is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary periodical journal of the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, published twice a year. It is focused on research in different types of artistic creation and related cultural areas. Its predecessor, the journal Dailės istorijos studijos, published in 2004-2020, was focused on a narrower area, the themes of traditional art history. In order to achieve wider and more relevant access, this periodical was updated in 2021: its conception was expanded, the title was adjusted, its periodicity was defined, and the number and themes for the journal’s research of art were expanded. The new journal focuses on an open, dynamic discourse in the humanities and social sciences. Meno istorijos studijos is the only periodical academic journal in Lithuania dedicated to art, media arts, architecture, film, photography, theatre and music.

Our aim is 1) to encourage interdisciplinary research, to provide an opportunity for collaboration and discussion among representatives of different disciplines; 2) publication of the latest Lithuanian and international research in the history and theory of arts (art, visual culture, architecture, design, film, photography, theatre, music).

The journal publishes only original, previously-unpublished articles by Lithuanian and foreign researchers meeting high scientific standards, which examine the national and international problems of Central and Eastern European art. Reviews of scientific publications and short annotations as well as chronicles of academic life are also published. Articles are published in Lithuanian and English (and in rare cases, other languages).

The journal is intended for specialists of various profiles, therefore its content is the subject to the principle of open access in order to ensure the published studies to be freely available to the public and to ensure the global dissemination of published results.

The journal Meno istorijos studijos is a fully open access (diamond) journal. Its entire content is available free of charge, and the right to read it, save it on a computer, copy, distribute, print, search or link to full text documents is granted; prior authorisation by the publisher or author is not required.

The publication of the journal is funded by the Research Council of Lithuania under the Lithuanian Studies and Dissemination Programme for 2016–2024 (contract No. S-LIP-22-39, project leader Dr Laima Laučkaitė-Surgailienė).