References to authors

Meno istorijos studijos publishes original, previously-unpublished scientific articles. The authors of articles and other texts published in the journal may be art historians of various generations, i.e., junior researchers beginning their careers as well as experienced researchers at a later stage in their careers may publish research in the publication. The publication is an open-access journal, the content of which is fully available free of charge on the internet. All texts published in Meno istorijos studijos are published on the journal’s website. Authors shall not be subject to any fees for the submission or publication of articles, nor shall royalties be paid for published texts.

By submitting a manuscript (text) to the editorial board, an author affirms that such text does not violate other authors’ copyrights, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Copyright and Related Rights, and the norms of professional ethics, and agrees to double-anonymous review. The author must take into account reviewers’ comments and correct the identified mistakes.

A manuscript (text) submitted to the editorial board must be prepared in accordance with the journal’s instructions for authors (see the guide for authors). Articles in the Lithuanian language shall be edited by an editor on the Meno istorijos studijos editorial board; manuscripts (texts) in other languages must be submitted after having been edited by a professional who is also a native speaker of the text’s language.

By submitting a manuscript (text) to the editorial board, an author or a group of authors confirms that all of its members substantially contributed to the research and to the writing of the text. The journal Meno istorijos studijos does not tolerate cases of false or unethical authorship (ghostwriting, gift authorship, guest authorship (or honorary authorship), etc.). To avoid such cases, we recommend that authors follow the guidance found in COPE and CSE documents:

When publishing a text, an author retains the copyright and publishing rights without any limitation and grants the journal the right of first publication. In addition, an author grants Meno istorijos studijos permission to publish and distribute the work under a Creative Commons License (CC BY 4.0, https://cc.lnb.lt/cc-by-nc-sa/). An author must also grant the editorial board permission to publish illustrations (for an indefinite period) in the journal and in the electronic version of the journal. An author submitting illustrations together with a text bears full legal liability for the unlawful use of illustrations or violation of copyright or of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

An author must provide information on the sources of funding for research and the preparation of articles when the providing of such information is a mandatory condition, for example, of grants or of funding from research foundations.

An author may publish the final, reviewed and edited version of the publication in an institutional repository or in various personal profiles on social networks for researchers (e.g., ResearchGate, Academia.edu, Mendeley, Google Scholar), but must indicate precisely the year, volume, pages, and permalink of the article published in Meno istorijos studijos.

For more information on authorship, copyright and liability, see the Publication Ethics Policy.