The Residences of Vowchyn and Yabluniv in the 18th Century: Representing the Status of Their Owners in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Summary)

Anna Oleńska (PDF)

The article focuses on two politically and artistically important residences in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) of the mid-18th century: Vowchyn of Michał Czartoryski, the Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and Yabluniv of Józef Aleksander Jabłonowski, the Voivode of Novogrudok. Both residences aimed for the luxury necessary for the image of a nobleman but expressed it in different ways. The article aims to analyse how the political activity, ambitions and artistic and intellectual preferences of the owners influenced the construction. In Vowchyn, a magnificent palace was built with a garden and a park, the sacral buildings benefited, and the entire town was designed urbanly. It was an attempt to create new capital for the family that belonged to the supporters of ‘Familia’ while simultaneously carrying out a whole programme of artistic ideas, revealing the image of an ideal nobleman. Meanwhile, Yabluniv, which belonged to a member of an old family from Ruthenia that belonged to the Kingdom of Poland, was one of his residences but the only one in the GDL. Its construction demonstrated the relations of Prince Jabłonowski, the founder and owner of the domain, with the GDL after receiving the Voivode of Novogrudok position. Both residences preserve interestingly designed and decorated manor chapels.

Keywords: Michał Czartoryski, Novogrudok, Józef Aleksander Jabłonowski, nobility, palace