Antonietta Raphaël: The Transcultural Experience of a Litvak-Italian Artist (summary)

Serena de Dominicis (PDF)

The aims of this paper are to approach Antonietta Raphaël’s artistic production in relation to the experience of migration, which she has undergone twice, and which has influenced her life and creativity, and to try to answer some questions: How have the events of her life influenced the modes or themes of her work? What is the role of memory and nostalgia in her work? What about her relationship with the past and her Litvak origins?

The case of Antonietta sheds light on the broader context of Eastern European Jewish migration from the former Russian Empire, with a specific focus on the migration of women to Western Europe in the early twentieth century.

Key words: Expressionism, Jewish art, Litvak, migration, mytholog y, sculpture, women artists